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Sponsorship program

Teilautonome hochmobile Roboter

Becoming a sponsor is worth it!

We are master students from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bremen and are developing an autonomous robot as part of a one-year project work with which we will take part in the European Rover Challenge (ERC) in Poland in September 2020. The ERC is one of the largest international robotics competitions in the areas of rover design, navigation and manipulation. It is aimed specifically at young teams that compete with self-designed robots to master challenges that could arise on Mars or the moon.

For successful competition participation we are looking for sponsors who support us financially with travel expenses and (on loan) with hardware. For example. we can use a workstation and for the simulation of the robot and new sensors.

For you as a company, there are various options for sponsoring as our advertising partner. We would be happy to offer you a platform on our social media channels, on our website and at the ERC itself. This means that you can make innovative advertising. In addition, there is the possibility for local presences such as a presentation on the project day of the University of Bremen. Further events are planned at which we present with the robots, you can also get attention as a sponsor here.

Your advantages as a sponsor

  • Platform on our social media channels, our website and at ERC 2020 in Poland itself
  • Presentation of your company on the project day of the University of Bremen
  • Further events with the robot ARTEMIS are planned, at which you can present yourself and your company

Contact us now without obligation

We welcome any support. Do you have anymore questions? Feel free to contact us directly using the contact form or by email [thoro@uni-bremen.de].