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Semi-autonomous highly mobile robots

... with multimodal perception skills for search, rescue, exploration, observation and decontamination activities

supported by: DFKI & Universität Bremen

Hello my name is


I am a semi-autonomous, highly mobile robot with multimodal perception skills for search, rescue, exploration, observation and decontamination activities

Since October 2019, I have been further developed by master students from the University of Bremen as part of a one-year project work to successfully take part in the European Rover Challenge (ERC) in Poland in September 2020!

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A B C - Always Be Computing

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The (earth) mission will start soon


The European Rover Challenge is one of the largest international space and robotics events in the world. The ERC not only gathers specialists in planetary robotics and Mars rover designers, but also representatives of science and business, the new tech sector and the general public who are interested in the development of science and new technologies.

Competition details

Our Mission Goals

Hardware and software development in various disciplines


Autonomous route planning:
Route planning based on individual waypoints and coordinates, collision avoidance and route adjustment, object detection (e.g. via QR codes)


Collect soil sample:
Drive autonomously to the sampling point, take the soil sample through the hole, seal the sample and transport it contamination-free


Autonomous and remote controlled actions on the control panel: Detect switch positions, move the rotary knob, pull the power plug out of the ground and plug it into the socket


Control & collect off-road items:
Identify and control objects and positions using cameras, infrared laser scanners, 3D point clouds and image recognition software

Support the mission as a sponsor?

For the successful participation in the EUROPEAN ROVER CHALLENGE 2020, we still need minimal financial support (travel expenses to the competition) as well as hardware / simulation computers (gladly only on loan).

In return, we would be happy to offer you an interesting and tailored advertising platform. If you are interested, you can simply write to us without obligation [thoro@uni-bremen.de]. We are happy to hear from them!

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von …

DFKI, University of Bremen and Kraken Robotik GmbH

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